Touchnote to the rescue!

Our very own initiative “Write To Someone You Miss This Christmas”, has changed.

We have had great success with it over the past few years. Hundreds and hundreds of cards have been posted by the homeless to reconnect with a loved one or stay in touch with a friend.

Filling in free cards with the help of staff at Social Bite cafes and attaching a free stamp was an emotional experience for some, something they had not done in a long time. Sending a card to someone is a personal experience and special. And if you add in even the possibility of reconnecting and getting off of the streets, it’s incredible what one card has the potential to achieve. 

Covid has affected almost every part of our lives in 2020 and EVERY part of the life of a homeless person!

Many many more problems have been created for them, and that even includes the simple lifeline of filling in a Christmas card.

With ‘snowcial distancing’ in Social Bite cafes, it just was not possible to share pens, seal envelopes, use stamps and help with the filling in.

Then TouchNote stepped in… using their app, everyone can keep a safe distance, take details and the card is in the post the next day, all printed and stamped.

A caring technology was the simple solution. I have been personally using their service since 2013, and when I asked for their help, I had it within hours!

This Christmas 2020 hundreds of homeless boys, men, girls and women will still have the chance to send a card to someone with “Write To Someone You Miss This Christmas.”

We are extremely delighted with TouchNote coming onboard and forever grateful to Social Bite for all the help with this great Christmas card initiative. 

We have also launched our Advent Appeal for donations this year.

Please help by donating what you can afford to,


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TOUCHNOTE understands more than most the vital role staying in touch with loved ones has in our lives, and perhaps at it’s most vital when you are alone and homeless.

Touchnote shared their thoughts on their blog, you can read it here below and pop over to to read all about them and their great card services. 

Any time of the year is a terrible time to be homeless. But during the Christmas period, it’s particularly difficult. Cold, hungry and alone –  in a time centred around our family and relationships – the feeling of isolation hits even harder. Five years ago, after a chat in the pub about this very problem, two friends set up Homeless at Christmas. Their aim is simple: Spread kindness through the festive period and do their bit to help the homeless feel a bit of love throughout the colder months.  By handing out gift packs, which including everything from hats and gloves to chocolate and pizza, they help the homeless join in the festivities 

Not only that, they’ve recently started the initiative “Write to someone you miss this Christmas.” Providing a pen, card, and a stamp in their gift boxes – they help those sleeping rough to reconnect with a loved one. But in the midst of a pandemic – the physical handing out of these gift boxes hasn’t been possible. So, that’s where TouchNote comes in. We’ve gifted 600 credits to a designated account to help make this initiative possible this year. So together, we can help keep a wonderful thing going. And you never know, your card might be what gets someone through a tough period this year. Find more info over on their social channels.


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