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We give out Christmas Gift Bags to the young and old homeless who happen to find themselves unfortunately living on our streets.

Any season of the year is a terrible time to be homeless. But the festive season can be a particularly cruel time to be cold, hungry and alone. It is a time when  everyone else’s party season can leave them feeling even more vulnerable and isolated than ever. Our Christmas gift bags are not only practical, but show them that someone is thinking of them at Christmas time.

Our gift bags contain hats, gloves, gifts, chocolate, fruit and even pizza!


This is also home to the brand NEW initiative… “Write To Someone You Miss This Christmas”.

Our exclusive Christmas cards for the homeless and families living in poverty come with an envelope and a stamp already attached ready to post. There are many more important things for homeless people to worry about than finding money to visit nice card shops and buying stamps.

‘Homeless at Christmas’ provides cards and stamps, not only are they in our Christmas gift bags… but they go out of hundreds and hundreds of homeless people. They help them to get in touch with a friend, family member, or someone special they miss.

Not everyone who is homeless has a mobile phone with credit, or even remembers someone’s phone number. It’s harder than ever to stay in contact with social media.

Knowing what to say in a text out of the blue can be difficult too.  But everyone remembers where a special someone lives, and everyone likes to know that friends and family are safe. Everyone likes to receive a Christmas card.

“Write To Someone You Miss This Christmas”                          Supported by The Royal Mail





Four years ago my friend and I were in the pub discussing what it would be like to be homeless at Christmas, it was obviously a heartbreaking conversation… so we decided we didn’t want to be all talk and to put our money where our mouth is.

We were just two young guys in a Glasgow bar, normal people with normal lives and knew we could not solve any problems, but we thought we could do something surely!

So… on Christmas Eve we started handing out Christmas gift bags to the homeless, all with our own money and anonymously. Just having a chat and not leaving any contact details.

Sometimes leaving a gift bag beside them to find when they awoke.

But one of our original ideas has really blossomed! Our idea was, “Write To Someone You Miss This Christmas.”

Not only does a card go into every gift bag. But with the support of the Royal Mail, our exclusive Christmas card and envelope with ‘a stamp attached’ is reaching hundreds and hundreds of homeless people in the UK.

The wonderful ‘Social Bite’ help distribute them across Scotland. And this year we hope to have them available in London too.

This whole journey has been humbling and heart warming. And we hope family and friends enjoy hearing from them. You should not cease to exist – just because you are homeless.

Now friends and family help and we have support from companies that very generously give items for our gift bags.

And we are happy to say we are now “Homeless at Christmas .org” We are not anonymous any longer as we want this project to grow. And perhaps we will even have people get in touch with stories of how our Christmas cards helped them get in touch with someone and stay in touch x

We are even giving away hot pizzas with the bags this year with help from Tony Macaroni.

And Baw Bags donated, underwear, hats and warm snoods.

2017 is our best year yet supporting the homeless. Thank you to everyone who helps Homeless At Christmas .org

Get in touch if you have sent a card, received a card or can help in any way.

Colin & Iain   😉


“Write To Someone You Miss This Christmas”                          Supported by The Royal Mail


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